Interactive Projections in Belgium – Workshop and exhibition – 8 October 2011 @ Gembloux

This Saturday 8th of October, Mumbl Limited held its first Interactive media event.  This took place at the Sapna cultural center in Gembloux, Belgium.  People came from all over Belgium to attend this very unique event and listen to the different speakers.

Thierry Sequeira (founder of Mumbl Limited – London, UK) started the discussion by pointing out that Mumbl would like to increasingly promote technology events in Belgium. He then presented Processing (www.processing.orgwww.openprocessing.org) – a free prototyping programming language that allows the creation of art based on code.  It can be used to create games, publicity, decorations… that interact directly with the user thanks to a webcam, a mouse, a touch screen or a microphone.  Processing is based on the principle of free exchange, so anybody can download it online and have access to tones of different source codes realized by others.  Processing can then be used with Arduino (http://www.arduino.cc/), an open-source electronics prototyping platform that can allow the connection of sensors, LEDs, servos, motors…

Adruino and Processing joined together can then offer an unlimited amount of possibilities in terms of prototyping. Thierry then illustrated this by presenting his master’s final project Sense2sense (www.sense2sense.co.uk) which is based on the concept of “tasting a movie”.


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Carine Noti Bibi Mba (interior design student at La Cambre – Brussels, Belgium) presented her ideal workspace for 2050.  Her building was composed of three types of spaces.  Firstly, a bar which would allow people to connect, discuss and share ideas in a friendly environment.  This space could be also converted in to a conference hall if wanted.  Secondly, a training space where people could receive all the necessary training they require to realize their projects and finally, a co-working space to allow the people who have met to put their ideas into action.

Viktor Chang (master in Interactive media – Seoul, South Korea) discussed his final master project.  He used a Kinect and Quarts Composer in order to make the role of an orchestra conductor more artistic.  Based on fixed body movements, the user can change the sound, octave, volume etc. of the composition.

Finally, Jan Vantomme (graphic designer – Gent, Belgium) explained his own experience with these different technologies as well as all the different developments around the world and in Belgium.  He gave a step-by-step description of how a physical object can be created from source code and mathematics.  He also presented his own work and projects.


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